“The year is 2015. The world lays in fear under the might of one nation: the FIRST UNITED REPUBLIC OF AMERICA, a fascist super-state that spans the American continent. A Great Wall lies on the Mexican border. North: a white supremacist utopia ruled by the FURA elite. South? South has been nearly stripped of its natural recourses and had a percentage of the population put to work in large industrial complexes to fuel the FURA war machine. This is the Wasteland Beyond the Wall…

“A lone gunslinger surviving in the deserts of Chihuahua encounters PRISONER 315-905, a rogue cyborg super soldier on the run from the FURA’s TRANSHUMAN SCIENCE DIVISION. Has she finally met her match with this deadly new enemy, or found a powerful new ally who may hold the secrets to toppling FURA rule?

“Meanwhile, the cunning AGENT FORD of the FURA’s INTELLIGENCE BEREAU has been dispatched to track down the elusive cyborg, and may soon find himself on the gunslingers tale as well…”

-Chapter 2’s Blurb

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