First published on 03/02/2020 with a run of 150 copies.

“The year is 2015. The world lays in fear under the might of one nation: THE FIRST UNITED REPUBLIC OF AMERICA, a fascist super-state that spans the entire American continent. A great wall lies on the Mexican border, splitting the FURA’s territory into north and south.

“In the deserts of Chihuahua, Mexico, a lone gunslinger holds a powerful secret that could topple the FURA’s power, though even she is unaware of it. She hunts members of the MORTAL KNIGHTS, a gang of Nazi cannibals made up of Americans whom have been exiled south of the wall for their perversions.

“Across the sea in London, the FURA have recently apprehended the elusive PRISONER 315-905, a failed experiment from the FURA’s TRANSHUMAN SCIENCE DIVISION that has turned on its fascist masters.

“As the prisoner is transported to Mexico, destinies align, and the downfall of the FURA draws nearer…”

-Chapter 1’s blurb

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