Welcome to the Creative Vandalism store! With us being completely independent, all our work is predominantly self-funded. If you like our work, and want to see more, we’d be incredibly grateful if you support us by buying some of our stuff! Our goal is to become completely self-sufficient, for our work to fund itself.

We’re still working on getting a proper online store page, but here are some details on how you can support us!


Grab yourself a copy of part 1 of our debut comic book series! £6 for 40 pages of pulpy, sci-fi action! Before lock-down began, we did have a few copies stocked in Gosh Comics in London, with plans to branch out to other stores, however with lock-down in effect and comic book shops closed, we’re still up in the air in regards to the situation… Keep your eyes peeled on our social media though, as we’ll post about any event we host or attend where you’ll be able to pick one up once lock-down is over!

If you’re not in London and want a copy, we’ll be happy to send one to you! If you’d rather wait for a more official storefront, we’ll try and get one running here ASAP. If you can’t wait, don’t be afraid to drop us an email and we’ll work something out!



We’re also working on getting merch sorted! T-shirts! Badges! Mugs! Again, follow our social media
or just check beck here once in a while to keep updated!


We’re also working on setting up a Patreon! Once it’s up and running, do consider donating if you
are able, every little helps! We’ll have a link up and running here once it’s ready.

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