The FURA Army

The main threat our heroes will be facing is the might of the FURA’s military. The bulk of the forces stationed in Mexico belong to the Army branch of the FURA’s armed forces, made up of multiple units that specialize in ground warfare.


Men and women whom have sworn service in protection of the FURA. These soldiers are kitted out with the most advanced gear in modern warfare and are greatly feared by the people of Mexico.


The weapons used by the FURA’s armed forced are for the most part produced in house by government owned manufacturers, meaning that only the FURA can have access to such advanced weaponry.

Vehicles & Aircraft

Just like the weapons, vehicles and aircraft used by the FURA military are produced in house. The industrial complex and labour camp “Martillo de Dios” (or “Hammer of God”) located in the heart of Mexico’s Chihuahua district is one of the main construction sites.

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