It’s been a very quiet couple of years for us. The pandemic put a huge strain on our collective mental health, the restrictions bought on by it put a halt on film production, and just as things open back up we’ve all been forced to use up all our energy grinding away at our day jobs to be able to afford to live. Whilst DIY media production is still our bread and butter, and something we hope to return to in the near future, Creative Vandalism has never been about sticking to one medium.

You may have noticed that we’ve recently branched out into the world of music, with the formation of The “Untitled Band” Project under the Creative Vandalism umbrella. Whilst scratching our creative itch, it’s also allowed us a window into the world of another realm of the art world: Live performance.

As we move into 2023, Creative Vandalism would like to announce our latest venture:


Basically, we’re going to be putting on gigs. Lots of gigs, with a focus on local(ish) independent artists. We’re aiming for twice a month, generally on a Thursday, at Walthamstow Trades Hall, a lovely local community run venue. It’s also where the majority of Creative Vandalism work their day jobs…

I guess we’ll see you there!

The first quarter of 2023:


The first of our new regular live music night at the Trades, showcasing the best live music from local artists. To kick off 2023 we have two hardcore punk outfits ready to blow the roof off: MENSTRUAL MENAGERIE (THE “UNTITLED BAND” PROJECT) and HANDCUFF.


Our only show in February brings two very local and very haunting live acts: QUENTA and M-ORCHESTRA. Come down, grab a cheap drink, and chill out to some spooky electronic tunes.


CVP’s first March gig brings THREE different flavours of post-punk to Walthamstow: Jellly (Now known as Operation Julie), Adult Nephew and Hearing Tests. It’s gonna be a non stop alternative extravaganza so make sure you get down to this one, grab one of the cheapest pints inside Zone 3, and enjoy the show!


Creative Vandalism’s 2nd March presentation brings two bands with some very Riot Grrrl sensibilities: Petty Phase and Rat Pussy. Come down, grab a cheap pint, get your mosh on and fuck the patriarchy

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